The Mandatory Communications in Italy


Mandatory Communications in Italy

Mandatory Communications (abbreviated as CO) for the UniLav, Unisomm, VarDATORI, UniURG, and UniPI flows represent, within the Italian labor law, a mandatory administrative requirement that requires employers (potentially through their intermediaries) to transmit all movements related to employment relationships (hiring, terminations, extensions, transformations, etc.) to Employment Centers and other institutional entities (INPS, INAIL, Prefectures, Ministry of Labor, etc.).

In the Veneto region, the portal for Mandatory Communications (abbreviated as COVeneto) is implemented within the broader portal and is entirely digitalized. All regional nodes are interconnected through a cooperative application system operating in real-time made possible by the use of common communication standards and protocols.

The following models of "CO" are implemented:

  • Mandatory communications for hiring, termination, extension, transformation, transfer of workplace, detachment, etc.
  • Mandatory communications for changes in the company name, merger, incorporation, sale of a business branch, sale of a contract, etc.
  • Mandatory communications related to temporary employment contracts and missions (hiring, termination, extension, and transformation).
  • Mandatory communications for so-called "emergency" hiring, in the cases provided.
  • Informational Disabled Statement (under Law 68/99).

The COVeneto portal has been extended over time to allow the transmission of additional telematic obligations, defined regionally and therefore not interoperable in cooperative application:

  • Internship training projects.
  • Training in apprenticeship

Portal of services "Cliclavoroveneto"

The portal is configured as a single access point for some of the main regional application services related to the Labor sector, and partly also to Education and Training.

It contains:

  • Information regarding the job market, mainly regional, in terms of news, articles, informative sheets exception;
  • Access to the job demand and offer matching engine and regional offers of active policies (training, internships, job support, etc);
  • Access to the entire platform of Veneto Lavoro application services through:
    • SPID/CIE/CNS/eIDAS authentication;
    • Single Sign On;
    • Service Agreement (acronym AdS).

For operational guides and other informative material on individual applications, refer to:

Access and authentication procedures

Access to the application services of the portal, including Mandatory Communications, is allowed only to users with SPID (Public Digital Identity System), CIE (Electronic Identity Card), CNS (National Service Card), eIDAS.

The Service Agreement (abbreviated AdS) implements the authorization process that allows users to access the portal, and in particular the Mandatory Communications section.

The AdS is signed by the owner or legal representative (Master user) of the Entity or Company who can extend to their collaborators (Delegated users), under their responsibility and for the necessary time, the right of access.

Each Service Agreement is valid for 3 years and can be renewed

The AdS signing procedure takes place entirely in telematic mode and involves digitally or in paper mode signing a specific access request; two specific attachments, both integral parts of the agreement, the first common to all services and the second specific to each application, define the rules for using the software.

Delegated users from AdS on CO are subject to profiling for sub-service:


Access to functions for sending mandatory communications on employment relationships


Access to the management of practices related to targeted placement (Law 68/99) such as compliance verification or management of exemptions (additional profiling levels are required)


Access to the management of training paths in apprenticeship (additional profiling levels are required)

For users delegated to operate on CoVeneto, the master user can grant access to all the COs submitted by the Master and other delegated users, or only to those relevant to selected employers, specified by their respective company tax code.

Access to the "Accordo di Servizio" application is provided through the following application, logging in with your SPID, CIE, CNS, eIDAS credentials.

Technical Notes and Support

To ensure the correct functioning of the applications, it is necessary to frequently clear cookies and Internet temporary files (cache). This operation can be performed, on any browser, by simultaneously pressing the CTRL + SHIFT + DEL keys and following the guided procedure.

To consult operational guides and other informational material on CO_Veneto, refer to:

Particularly important are the following link:

For technical assistance on access or use of the service, consult the page:

GDPR Data controller and Contacts

The GDPR data controller for the Mandatory Communications portal is the Veneto Region Council,,, which avails itself, for the management activities, of the local body "Veneto Lavoro",, email: