Single Digital Gateway Project

Single Digital Gateway Project

Access and authentication sdg


Access and authentication

Access to the application services of the portal, including Mandatory Communications, is granted exclusively to users equipped with SPID (Public Digital Identity System), CIE (Electronic Identity Card), CNS (National Services Card), and eIDAS.

In all cases, even when accessing with eIDAS, the mandatory requirement for obtaining digital credentials and accessing the portal is to have a personal Tax Code.

The Service Agreement (abbreviated as AdS) implements the authorization process that allows users to access the portal, particularly the section related to Mandatory Communications.

The AdS is signed by the owner or legal representative (Master user) of the organization or company. The Master user can extend access rights to their collaborators (Delegated users) under their responsibility and for the necessary duration.

Each Service Agreement has a validity of 3 years and can be renewed.

The procedure for subscribing to the AdS takes place entirely in telematic mode and involves digitally or physically signing a specific access request. Two specific attachments, both integral parts of the agreement, outline the rules for using the software. The first attachment is common to all services, while the second is specific to each application.

Delegated users under the AdS on CO are subject to sub-service profiling.

COVeneto Access to the functions for sending mandatory communications on employment relationships
GEDI Access to the management of practices relating to targeted placement (Law 68/99) such as verification of compliance or management of exemptions (further levels of profiling are required)
AGFA Access to the management of apprenticeship training paths (further levels of profiling are required)

Delegated users operating on CoVeneto can be granted access by the master user to all Mandatory Communications (CO) sent by the master and other delegated users, or only to those relevant to specific selected employers, as specified by their company’s tax code.

Access to the “Service Agreement” application occurs through the following link: Accordo di Servizio. Users log in using their SPID, CIE, CNS, or eIDAS credentials.

Without a valid Service Agreement, access to the Mandatory Communications portal is not possible.

Consult the Operational Guide for the Access and Accreditation Procedure